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As a fan of mobile games, I prefer to choose the ones that offer me unlimited fun and entertainment. When I start playing Pixel Gun 3D on my mobile, I found it as ordinary as any other mobile games available in the market. Nonetheless, the more I play the game, the more entertained I can feel. I have an Android phone, and the game looks perfect on my device. I can play it anytime anywhere; without even going to any game parlor. The game is not all about practicing target but about facing new challenges in every game and ensuring my survival through the best weapons of my collection. The game has a lot to offer to the players like me who love the idea of being attacked by some blood sucking monsters.

pixel gun 3d tricks

To be very honest, I do not prefer that Pixel thing, but when I got my character in this game, I started loving it. Now, after playing the game for last two months, I love everything about it. The character with the Pixels, the arenas, the blood sucking monsters with their weird activities as well as the gameplay – I like all these features of Pixel Gun 3D. I have prepared the skin of the character in such a way that it has all the safety gears including the boots and gloves. Making skin is one of the most interesting parts for me in this game. With the help of pixel gun 3d hack, you can get limitless skin options and weapon options for free.

Since the game is all about targeting the enemies and killing them with the help of some advanced weapons; so I am always careful about choosing the right weapon according to the mode of game. No matter whether I play Deathmatch or Cooperative mode, I prefer to use weapons like Laser Minigun. This is a weapon that helps me to shoot my enemies even through the wall. In this way, I can kill the players who try to glitch in various maps. My teammates often praise them for this and I simply love that.

When I play on Pool Party map, my favorite is Strom Hammer, which I found in Melee. The blue handle of the hammer with the golden button helps me a lot to kill my enemies with the help of some lightening effect. It is effective for me to use this hammer in Pool Party because I get enough room to spawn trap. The hammer has a great mobility and takes me to the base of the enemies within the shortest possible time.

For me, the best way of getting the Automatic Peacemaker in this game is going to the Survival mode and kills the waves of the zombies and monsters. I can get coins easily by this action. As a player, I do not believe in earning more and more coins or gold in the game until I know where to use them. I love the breathtaking sound effects of the campaign mode that help me a lot to have ultimate fun when I am alone at home. The wide range of guns also helps me to extend my skill of killing the monsters.

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